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These transmissions were a complete rewiring that was very powerful, opening all of my energy centers to a higher frequency and vibration, which supported me to clear through and process everything on a deeper and faster level...

David Groode / Psychic-Numerologist / Santa Rosa, CA

The sequencing and power of these transmissions, and the guidance into one's witnessing presence within each week of integration, was perfectly timed to allow for the unlocking, clearing and re-calibration of each Chakra to be truly transformative. Carol Marie's powerful and loving presence allows these Rainbow Circle Transmissions to be felt in Love and Truth.

Rene Duer / Astrologer / Richmond, CA

I Am in deep gratitude to Carol Marie for the Rainbow Circle Transmissions. They have accelerated my journey into the spiritual heart, feeling my underlying connection to all human beings and bringing me into a state of profound compassion for myself and humanity. From within this compassion flows forgiveness, which creates liberation.

Annie Schmidt / Berkeley, CA

Carol Marie's clear presence in the reflection of love and wisdom serves to open you to your own clear presence in Truth. The Rainbow Circle Transmissions had the cumulative effect of creating the feeling of fullness and emptiness at the same time. I became the empty vessel opening to the Spirit of the Divine and her entry into my reality.

Eddie Pollock / Hawi, Hawaii

With these Rainbow Circle transmissions, I feel that my energy has shifted, allowing more of a clear presence in the world to both give and receive. Whatever was blocking my presence in this flow has dissolved. With a heart filled with Love, Gratitude and Respect, I salute my "sister" Carol Marie.

Lynn Patner, MSW / San Mateo, CA

The transmissions were a blend of activating multiple experiences, depending on what Chakra center was recieving the focus. I personally went from seeing visions of a past life, to heart openings that were triggered by my wounded child, to long deep meditation that took me to higher self awareness. Carol Marie's loving role as a midwife of life force gave many of us the opportunity to birth new light bodies to radiate our true missions on the planet.

Dexter Leland / Santa Rosa, CA

"Ekstasis" best describes the Rainbow Circle Transmissions I experienced with Carol Marie. At each stage of the journey, I experienced the Sacred Chalice of Self clearing, aligning and being empowered. With it the resolution of paradox -- the 'this' and 'not this', male and female, light and dark merged to deliver the remembering of Wholeness — in truth, the Divine Union. I AM honored, and grateful beyond measure, to have been a part of a unified group choosing to live in LOVE together! Thank you, Carol, for all you are BEING!"

Stacey Robyn, Arizona

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