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About Carol Marie

Carol Marie

As the principal of Harmonic Gatherings, Carol Marie has years of experience as a Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor and Guide, and as a midwife for those who have been given a terminal diagnosis and prognosis, and may be in the last phase of their lives in this physical realm. Her loving and nurturing presence creates the space of the Mother, allied with her dedicated service and commitment to the flow of Divine Truth and Love in All beings.

Where she is called to be, Carol Marie appears; always in service and always ready to facilitate growth, healing and recognition of truth. Her fluidity, insight and compassion make her a natural teacher and healer, and her fiery intuition and renewed passion for God's Truth and Love provide a clear presence for the transmission of healing energies, loving wisdom, as well as for individual Heart & Soul Reflection sessions..

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