In order to receive Divine Love and Divine Truth within our souls, we must first open our hearts to emotionally explore a personal relationship with God, clear our bodies of the agents of Fear, heal the deep wounds of our emotional experiences, and gather back the aspects of our being that have been tethered out to personal, ancestral, and collective stories, relationships, belief systems, structures, and forms that are not in harmony with God's Love and Truth.

Each and every one of us has a unique sounding, a harmonic tone within the loving orchestration of Divine Creation. As we clear the shadows, emotions suppressed and stored within our soul, through commitment and dedication, and become more loving, we express this clear harmonic sounding into creating Heaven on Earth.

Harmonic Gatherings supports the synchronistic weaving of souls being drawn together in these powerful times, to assist and support one another as we use the key of true humility, owning and feeling all of our emotions, becoming self-responsible with all of our thoughts, words, and actions, opening mind, body, spirit and heart to receive Divine Truth and Love into our souls. As we do so, individually—for the purpose of our own soul's expansion, and collectively—for the purpose of Humanity's evolution through the matrices of Fear, we use the gift of our free will to live and evolve, within life's seeming dualities, by growing in Humility, Sincerity, Truth, Love, Compassion, Empathy, Trust, Faith, Forgiveness, Allowance, Acceptance, Gratitude, and Service.

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Carol Marie
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